Saturday, October 13, 2012

Get the "thumbs up" for any achievement with the turn of a hand-crank

Back in September, we had a sneak peek at the prototype of Brad Litwin's new MechaniCard titled Thumbs Up. The final version is done and here's the video to prove it. It looks even better with the final artwork.

Who would think that from a flat surface, a hand could rise, curl its fingers, and then raise its thumb -- all from the turn of a small hand crank? The mechanism is gorgeous, compact, and full of interesting components: gears, pulleys, belts, springs, strings, hinges, pivots, slides, and linkages. This one is shown with the optional display base.

Have you done something good lately? Do you know someone else who has accomplished something worthwhile? They deserve one of these.

Here is where you can see the full line of MechaniCards.

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