Friday, November 02, 2012

Elaborate 1920s machine shop built with vintage Erector sets

Randy Sauder built this model of a 1920s era machine shop from Erector set parts from scratch. The project spanned some 2 1/2 years, taking about 900 hours total. Sauder encourages others to build with these sets. He explains why this way:

It is relaxing fun, better than TV and your grandkids will love them. Erector sets are a great learning tool for children. In this country, most engineers over the age of 50 cut their teeth with erector sets. My father gave me his boyhood set in the late 1950's. Building principles using model erector parts are the same as with a real life size projects. For example, parts must be built square to one another, in proper alignment and using standard engineering concepts. Thousands of real world projects such as the George Washington Bridge, Disney World rides etc were first built as model erector projects.

Of course, Erector Sets are still made today in a variety of configurations. Classic Erector sets like the type used in this model can easily be found on eBay.

For additional information or to see more models visit the A. C. Gilbert Heritage Society web site.

[ Thanks Warren and Christoph!]

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