Thursday, November 15, 2012

Is Is - another fascinating wall-mounted kinetic sculpture by Gina Kamentsky

Check out the latest wall-mounted kinetic sculpture by Gina Kamentsky. This hand-cranked piece is titled Is Is. As is often the case with her work, found objects are assembled into new elaborate mechanical configurations that spin, swing, slap, ratchet, and creak. Mundane objects, often of no use to anyone, suddenly do unexpected things.

Image of kinetic sculpture

I particularly like the use of ball-chain for some of the connections in this piece. You could spend a long time trying to figure out where the various parts came from. The top arch piece looks to be from the bed segment of a typewriter. It's great to see new life breathed into such venerable mechanical parts.

See more wall mounted kinetic sculptures by Gina Kamentsky on her web site.

[ Thanks Aaron! ]

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