Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Quarterdeck Striker - a hybrid electromechanical wooden clock with moving figure

Unsure of what to do with a wooden nut-cracker figure given to him by his granddaughter, John Hilgenberg created the most interesting clock I've seen in long time. The clock, called The Quarterdeck Striker, behaves like most ship's clocks, striking 1 to 8 bells every half hour in 4 hour cycles.

Image of The Quarterdeck Striker clock

The design is a wonderful mix things: Baltic birch gears, motors, relays, cam operated lever switches, an odometer display, an old coffee table, Geneva wheels, and the nut cracker figure who is put to use striking the bell. The weight driven movement is regulated by a deadbeat escapement and and is rewound with an ingenious maintaining power self-winder of Hilgenberg's own design. Hilgenberg provides a nice overview of the clock in the video.

You can see more clocks and wooden creations by John Hilgenberg on his YouTube channel.

[ Thanks Warren! Thanks Christoph! ]

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