Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Roentgens' Berlin Secretary Cabinet - Even the secret compartments have secret compartments!

Image of Secretary Cabinet

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is featuring the works of Abraham Roentgen (1711–1793) and his son David (1743–1807) in an exhibit titled Extravagant Inventions. The Roentgens were know for their innovative designs, which often incorporated sophisticated and surprising mechanical devices into the lavish furniture styles of the period.

From the exhibit web page:

Some sixty to sixty-five pieces of furniture and clocks—several of which have never before been lent for exhibition—are complemented by paintings and prints that depict these unrivaled masterpieces in contemporary interiors. The most complicated mechanical devices are illustrated through virtual animations. Working drawings, portraits of the cabinetmakers, their family, and important patrons, as well as a series of documents owned by the Metropolitan Museum and originating from the Roentgen estate, underline the long-overlooked significance and legacy of the Roentgens as Europe's principal cabinetmakers of the ancien régime.

If there is any chance you can see this exhibit, you have until January 27, 2013 to make it happen.

Extravagant Inventions - The Princely Furniture of the Roentgens

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
1000 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10028-0198
Phone: 212-535-7710

October 30, 2012 to January 27, 2013

[ Thanks Kevin and Falk! ]

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