Monday, February 11, 2013

The lively wood and brass mechanical art of engineer Colin Neu

Today, we feature Colin Neu, an engineer who decided to use his mechanical skills to make these incredibly unique clockwork-driven pieces of art. Each piece is hand-crafted from solid brass and wood, and driven by an antique gramophone motor.

The first piece features a mechanical brass bat with flapping wings. The bat swoops down to pick up ball bearings carrying them to the top of a marble track which they slide down over and over again.

Next, a fanciful zeppelin-like vehicle made of brass and wood whirs and scoots around a table top.

This is followed by a miniature robot who leers menacingly as it walks along the tabletop. A door in its chest swings open automatically to reveal the mechanism inside.

To follow that, an alien flying a saucer hovers around and fires a small brass ray gun.

The final piece shows two brass figures adorning the top of a the wind up automaton. The piece depicts a decapitation scene, not unlike the paper version created by Keith Newstead. The arms swinging after the fatal blow is a nice touch.

The gorgeous brass metal work, finely finished woods, robust mechanical motors, and keen aesthetics make these pieces truly exceptional. Well done!

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