Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A short interview with automaton-maker Tom Haney

Photo of 'Departure' by Tom Haney

Head on over to the artistaday.com site to read a short profile of automaton artist Tom Haney. Haney's work has been featured on The Automata Blog dozens of times. He has a style all his own that many of us appreciate.

From the Tom Haney:

Any kind of mechanical movement has always been a fascination of mine and to combine this with figurative carvings became irresistibly compelling. After some time I learned about automata, "a moving mechanical device made in imitation of a human being", an ancient pursuit more thoroughly developed in the 13th – 19th centuries mostly in Europe but also in Asia. The work I create today is a modern offshoot of the time-honored European tradition of automata.

Shown above is a piece by Haney titled Departure. The distinctive carved figure, savvy use of motorized movement, carefully selected found objects, and lovely aged surfaces are all typical of Haney's work.

Here is where you can read the article about Tom Haney.

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