Friday, April 19, 2013

New wall-mounted kinetic sculpture by David C. Roy is mesmerizing

Image of wooden sculpture

This new piece kinetic sculpture by David C. Roy is the combination of two innovations he has recently made in mechanism design. Titled Swoop, the mechanism pushes the parts through an angle of 60 degrees -- much smaller than most of his previous pieces. He combined this new mechanism with a technique that allows the front wheel to move in the opposite direction (without having a drive belt running directly in front of it). Those two innovations allowed him to finally create the a certain motion he remembered from the Howdy Doody film in his childhood.

Swoop Technical Details:

  • Number: Limited Edition of 95
  • Size: 29"h x 23"w x 5"d
  • Power Source: Constant Force Spring
  • Run Time: Approximately 10 hours per winding

The mechanism for Swoop works well on fairly small scale, which means that it is very suitable for display in the home.

Here is where you can get more details, see additional photographs, see the film that inspired the artist, and order the Swoop wall-mounted kinetic sculpture.

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