Thursday, May 02, 2013

Fritz, the open source robotic head, reaches $41,000 dollars in funding on Kickstarter!

Image of robot head

Kerwin Lumpkins has a startup company that recently had a robotic head project on Kickstarter. As you will see in the video, Fritz is a robotic puppet head that you can control with an easy to use computer application. The advanced version has moving eyes, jaw, eyelids, eyebrows, and neck.

From the company web site:

Fritz is an animatronic puppet that is controlled by an Arduino microcontroller. Fritz was created to provide an inexpensive introduction into robotics that is both entertaining, creative and educational. With an open source directive, Fritz is accompanied by a PC application to provide you with an easy to use interface in customizing and interacting with the project mechanics.

The project is currently funded way over it's goal of $25K. In fact, they received over $41,000 in funding from 236 backers. The crowd has spoken and they want laser cut wooden robot heads! I love this crowd.

You can learn more about Fritz the robotic head on the Kickstarter page or on the web site.

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