Saturday, June 22, 2013

Opportunity - a welded steel rolling-ball sculpture by Tom Harold

Here is a new rolling ball sculpture from artist Tom Harold titled Opportunity. I really like the tone-emitting ball drops!

From the video description:

It measures 52.5" x 33" x 11" and is made entirely of welded steel, clear coated to prevent rust. It features a motor-driven chain lift effortlessly supplying marbles to the topmost track that then divides into two tracks via a tipper-style track splitter. Once on their way, the marbles encounter a number of entertaining devices including a chime, four tone-emitting ball drops, three 360-degree loops, two spirals, wavy track, a four-ball collector, and a coil plus elements made from tubing, welded rings and over 51 feet of track with dips, curves and bends.

To check out additional kinetic art by Tom Harold on his web site or inquire commissioning a piece of fascinating by the artist.

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