Sunday, August 04, 2013

One woodworker's version of my 'Unwelcome Dinner Guest' automaton made from plans

image of automaton

Theresa Grammer came upon the plans I created for a wood automaton, called The Unwelcome Dinner Guest. This automaton was created to be a wooden mechanical project that was featured in Gizmos & Gadgets, a special edition magazine from the publishers of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts. The article shows the process of making this automaton from start to finish.

From Theresa's email:

I wanted something a bit more complicated and was thrilled to find your blog jam packed with information and a link to plans for your "Unwelcome Dinner Guest"! The plans are very detailed and I was able to build the automata without difficulty. This was fun!

Her version can be seen in the YouTube video above. She also has a short article about the project on the Lumberjocks website. I like the way she used different types of woods and really made her dog unique. Her success has inspired her to work on creating an automaton design of her own.

image of automaton

The original automaton I created for the magazine article is for sale! Here is a page with details about The Unwelcome Dinner Guest automaton by Dug North. Please contact me or use the Paypal button on the page to order the piece online and pay with the credit card of your choice. This is the original signed piece. It comes with a copy of the magazine in which it was featured, also signed by Dug North.

Here is where you can purchase The Unwelcome Dinner Guest automaton by Dug North.

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Blogger John Kaay said...

Here's the site of Wanda Sowry, the woodworker Theresa credits in her lumberjocks page.
Some good stuff there.
Love your site, I check it every day.
John kaay

August 4, 2013 at 7:30 PM  

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