Thursday, September 05, 2013

Adam Savage assembles a kit showing you how to create your own Theo Jansen Strandbeest in miniature

Strandbeest Kit

I've posted several times about the wonderful mind and creations of Theo Jansen. He's the guy who builds huge PVC creatures that are meant to roam freely around the beaches, powered only by wind. Here is a nice look at a small kit that replicates one of his 'Strandbeests' in miniature. I've seen this kit around the internet, but this video REALLY shows what putting it together would be like. And, the demo is done by legendary MythBuster Adam Savage no less!

From the product description:

The fantastic Theo Jansen is world-renowned for his creations consisting of PVC pipes, wood, and various plastics. The resulting concoctions spring to life with the slightest breeze and walks the earth on hundreds of tiny feet all on its own. A beautiful amalgamation of art and engineering, these Strandbeest vary in size ranging from the size of small animals to behemoths of incredible proportion. Regardless of size, they all maintain baffling intricacies that make them seem alive.

Powered by wind alone, the completed kit does not require batteries, though it may be fun to motorize it too. The kit comes with a 28-page science and history guide as well as fully illustrated assembly instructions.

Here is where you can order your very own Strandbeest Kit.

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