Saturday, September 28, 2013

Automata by L’Arbre à Pain inspired by the automaton designers of old

Check out the work of Anne Pradère and Dominique Jalabert, owners of "Le Petit Musée d'Automates" in Pauillac, France.

More about them from their web site:

The designers’ love for animals had led them to build a fantasy world, creating human-like animals imitating life. They have used the mechanics to give birth to a soul endowing their animal world with charm.

Their works continue the path opened up by the literature with Aristophane’s zoomorphism, the Romance of Renard, Granville, Theile… and inspired by the great designers of automatons who have endeavored to create life since Antiquity.

Each character was entirely made at the workshop, making them unique and authentic creations. They are moulded and painted, the costumes are tailor-made with ancient materials, lace and appliqué. In order to perpetuate the French tradition of automaton designers, the mechanics are based on a system of cams. Each silver-soldered brass component was manufactured at the workshop.

Here is where you can see more automata L’Arbre à Pain.

[ Thanks Henry! ]

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