Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Laser-cut Donkey Kong automaton by Martin Raynsford

Photo of Donkey Kong automaton

You may recall the amazing mechanical version of the Donkey Kong arcade game I posted about a while back. Here's a simpler, fun project by the same creator, Marin Raynsford. As you can see from the video, the essence of the classic arcade game Donkey Kong has been represented as a contemporary automaton.

From Martin's web site:

The main drive mechanism is provided by the laser cut bike chain, barrels roll round the girder as if thrown by Donkey Kong. A cam and follower make Mario jump up and down in the appropriate places. I got the gear ratio slightly confused and made my second gear twice as big as need be so I duplicated the jump pattern on both halves of the gear. It was a fun little project and I learnt a lot about what not to do on future projects.

Love the wooden chain and sprockets!

See more detailed in-progress photos of the Donkey Kong automaton on Martin Rynsford's web site.

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