Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Mind-bogglingly beautiful and complex custom-made astronomical skeleton clock

Check out this amazing great-wheel skeleton clock commissioned from the Buchanan firm by clock expert Mark Frank. Inspired by a clock featured on the cover of the October 2003 issue of the Horological Journal, Frank set out to have commission made. The goals were to create a clock with an imposing scale, lots of movement, and a lot of complexity. I would say he has succeeded!

From the creator's web site:

This is a four train, quarter striking movement with the fourth train driving the astronomical systems. The escapement is based on Harrison's H1 design and is driven by dual swinging-frame remontoire. The clock's functions include: 400 year perpetual calendar, equation of time, sidereal time, sun/moon rise and set, moon's phase and age, tides, solar/lunar eclipses, planisphere, tellurium, and full-featured orrery to Saturn with functional moons. There will be over 20 complications.

The clock measures 25" wide by 29" height and 16" deep. It weights in at an impressive 600-700 pounds! Here is where you can read more and see in-progress photos of this incredible Astronomical Skeleton Clock.

If you are interested in skeleton clocks, try to get you hands on Continental and American Skeleton Clocks and Skeleton Clocks by F. B. Royer-Collard.

[ Thanks Christoph! ]

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