Friday, October 04, 2013

Wood harmonograph drawing machine uses gravity to create amazing patterned drawings

image of machine

Joe Freedman at LEAFpdx has done it again. Check out his gravity-powered drawing machine! Dubbed the 'GatorGraph Drawing Machine', it uses laser and CNC cut wood parts and a couple of recycled 1 liter bottles to do its thing.

From the project description:

The power for the GatorGraph is provided by four 1-liter plastic bottles (not included) on a swinging pendulum. As they move back and forth the Gators produce what are called Lissajous curves. Where a Spirograph is bounded by a circle, the Lissajous curves are bounded by a rectangle. Changing the length of the pendulum alters the type of curve. The shape of the curve can be modified by using different hole positions on the rods.

Once assembled and set in motion, it is mesmerizing to watch. Better still, it creates amazing drawings! They expect to produce the first run in time for Christmas. Can you think of a better gift? I can't. Joe's products are always made with the best materials, fine craftsmanship, and incredible attention to detail.

Here is where you can support the project and get your own GatorGraph Drawing Machine.

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