Thursday, November 28, 2013

Book on the 'Theory of Machines and Mechanisms' for the serious student

Time to take your engineering knowledge up a notch? Check out this book I discovered on Amazon the other day. For the non-professional engineer it may be a little weighty, but's all there! (This fourth edition is aimed at senior undergraduate or graduate students in mechanical engineering.)

Theory of Machines and Mechanisms covers the study of displacements, velocities, accelerations, and static and dynamic forces required for the proper design of mechanical linkages, cams, and geared systems. The authors present the background, notation, and nomenclature essential for students to understand the various independent technical approaches that exist in the field of mechanisms, kinematics, and dynamics.

The book includes a CD with working model animations of many figures from the text to help students visualize and comprehend their movement. A companion website for instructors provides additional information and resources, including PowerPoint-based slides of figures from the text.

Here is where you can get Theory of Machines and Mechanisms

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