Friday, December 13, 2013

Learn just enough to make just about anything (including a career)

I haven't read this new book, but I can tell you that it's on MY holiday wishlist. Why? First, it is from the creators of MAKE. I've subscribed to the magazine from day one, bought the books, and had the pleasure of writing a few articles for them. These folks get it. They know what it is to want to create, to build, to play, to make. Second, if the subtitle of the book lives up to its name (even in part), then I want in.

From the book description:

Are you possessed by the urge to invent, design, and make something that others enjoy, but don’t know how to plug into the Maker movement? In this book, you’ll follow author David Lang’s headfirst dive into the Maker world and how he grew to be a successful entrepreneur. You’ll discover how to navigate this new community, and find the best resources for learning the tools and skills you need to be a dynamic maker in your own right.

Beyond developing your skills, the book also sheds light on the maker-community in general and how to forge a career from what you will learn and who will meet. Intrigued? I know am.

Here is where you can order Zero to Maker: Learn (Just Enough) to Make (Just About) Anything.

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