Thursday, January 16, 2014

Terrifying animatronic baby in stroller scares the living crap out of unsuspecting New Yorkers

Have you seen this video of a Devil Baby scaring New Yorkers half to death? Some are funny, but I just feel bad for most of these folks. This thing looks real and is frightening! An animatronic baby and remote-controlled stroller are a promotional stunt for Devil's Due film to be released this month.

According to The Examiner, the robotic devil baby was created by Creature Effects Inc., the company who has created animatronic effects for movies such asI Am Legend and Star Trek. There were three people operating the horrific device -- one for the stroller and two for the baby.

I doubt I'll see the movie, but I would watch a video on the making of the mechanical baby.

If you aspire to scare the crap out of New Yorkers, then here is list of books on animatronics to get you started. Happy hunting!

[ Thanks Steve and Jere! ]

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