Sunday, March 02, 2014

Amazingly lifelike paper chameleon automaton powered by a small music box

Check out this very cleverly-constructed and lifelike chameleon automaton. The chameleon is about 8cm long and illuminated from within. After winding a key on the back, the creature comes to life, slowly shifting its weight on the branch and moving its eye around.

The automaton is cleverly-built in many respects. First, the paper figure is just amazing. Next, the entire thing is a reflection. This allows the actual model to be oriented horizontally, providing some design advantage. Also, the linkage that makes the eye move is magnetism!

The chameleon was made by papercraft artist Johan Scherft, who specializes in the design paper models of animals and mostly birds. Here is where you can see more artwork by Johan Scherft.

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