Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Profile of Will Matthysen hand his handmade wooden clocks

Check out this lovely profile of Will Matthysen who designs and makes clocks made almost entirely out of wood. Will Matthysen is a designer and maker of furniture. He works out of his workshop in Victoria, Australia. He has designed a variety of handcrafted clocks. Most are made largely from wood, but also may also include other materials such as brass, steel, and glass.

Visit his web site to learn more about Will Matthysen.

For more on the making of wooden clocks Wooden Clocks: 31 Favorite Projects & Patterns (Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Book). The ultimate project in the book is Wooden Gear Clock shown on the cover. In addition to the scale plans, photographs and step-by-step instructions there are also cross-sections and exploded diagrams showing how the wooden mechanism is assembled. Plans for this one clock are worth the price of the book. The remainder of the projects are for clocks with wooden cases with battery movements, which may not be as glamorous, but are far easier to make for less ambitious woodworkers or those looking for handmade gift ideas.

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