Friday, June 19, 2015

One book with five amazing dinosaur automata you can make!

Check this book on how to make moving paper dinosaurs!

From the book description:
Create moving models of five different dinosaur species — from ichthyosaurus, the fish lizard, to Tyrannosaurus rex, the tyrant king, along with the armor-plated stegosaurus, the flying pterodactylus, and the bone-haded pachycephalosaurus. Kids ages 10 and up can follow simple directions that explain how to build the crank-powered replicas. The book is also loaded with facts about all sorts of dinosaurs and includes a background play scene and a convenient pocket for storing loose pieces

Though it's sold in book format, it really a kit, or five kits to be exact. Dinosaurs and automata -- two things that kids love!

Here is where you can get Amazing Automata -- Dinosaurs!

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Check out this great flip book artist
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